Atlantic Young Artist Series

The Atlantic Young Artist Competition and Tour are projects of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Association and its provincial counterparts in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The biennial competition takes place in even-numbered years and is open to pianists, singers and instrumentalists between the ages of 16 and 25 (27 for vocalists) who are currently studying with a Registered Music Teacher. Competitors must be performing at the Senior Concert level.


The Young Artist Series was initiated in 1942 under the direction of Saskatchewan music educator Dr. Lyell Gustin, in order to give talented young performers an opportunity to gain concert tour experience. The Young Artist Tours are held in all regions of Canada.

Many Young Artist soloists, who had their first major concert experience through the Series, have gone on to make careers in music. Our Atlantic Young Artist winners have included:

1985Michelle Beaton, piano (NS)
1986Donald Fraser, organ (PEI)
1987Vicki McNutt, piano (NS)
1989Deborah Pardy, voice (NF)
1991Jonathan Weiser, piano (NF)
1993Thomas Yee, piano (NF)
1995David Sharpe, piano (NB)
1997Measha Gosman, voice (NB) and Mark Barter, piano (NF)
1999Lynn Kuo, violin (NF)
2001Mark Djokic, violin (NS)
2003Patrick Cashin, piano (NF)
2006Philip Roberts, piano (NS)
2008Michael Thibodeau, piano (NB)
2010Pierre-André Doucet, piano (NB)
2012Heemin Choi, violin (NS)

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